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Tim McCarty, President/Artistic Director

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Tim McCarty
Founder / President / Artistic Director

Tim McCarty leads a visual theatre workshop at QuestFest Mr. McCarty is the Founder and Artistic Director of Quest: arts for everyone (Quest Visual Theatre). For 21 years, Mr. McCarty worked in a variety of positions at Gallaudet University’s Model Secondary School for the Deaf.  For the last eight years, he served as the Artistic Director for the school’s internationally acclaimed Performing Arts Program.  In 1993, Mr. McCarty was honored as a White House Presidential Scholar Outstanding Teacher.  His students have won national acting and playwriting competitions.  Mr. McCarty’s work has carried him to schools, theatres, festivals, and conventions across the United States and throughout the world.  He has produced, directed, and participated in tours to Japan, Russia, India, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Argentina, Austria, Puerto Rico, the Czech Republic, and Romania.  He is the author of nine plays and has regularly written articles and columns about arts and arts education for nationally and internationally distributed publications.

The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education has appointed Mr. McCarty to the National Advisory Group for Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf.  Mr. McCarty provides consultation to schools, arts organizations, television studios, and motion picture studios on issues relating to the education and integration of deaf and disabled individuals.  Gallaudet University has honored Mr. McCarty with its Cultural Enrichment Award. The Czech Republic Association of the Deaf has honored Mr. McCarty with the J. G. Deburau Award recognizing his contributions to deaf theatre and for his support of the work of deaf artists. Mr. McCarty has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Washington and Jefferson College and a Master’s Degree in Theatre from American University.

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