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Production Photo of NANO

We live in a rapidly changing world. Science continues to make new breakthroughs. One intriguing area of scientific and technological advancement is in the field of nanotechnology. This new field offers practical and life-changing potential: stain resistant pants; a coating process to make sponge-like silica latch onto toxic metals in water; packaging that allows for thinner material, with a subsequently lighter weight, and greater shelf-life; nanobots entering cancerous cells to remove cancerous materials. There is even research to explore the use of nanobots to manipulate DNA. If we could do that, we could eliminate deafness. But wait! Where do ethics come in? Quest’s production of Nano poses that question. Based on an idea by former Wings member,  Bellamie Harvard and directed by Drew Richardson, Nano incorporates digital media, masks, and movement into a surreal exploration of the nano world.

Watch a clip from Nano:

Nano production photos:

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